Redford Crop Walk 2012  OLLRIR is fully operated under the supervision of one employed part time Executive Director, one part time Administrative Assistant and an Army of Faithful Volunteers, putting feet to their faith every week, as stated in Mathew 25. Trained volunteers undertake full responsibility for staffing the pantry for the Food Day & TEFAP program and the Clothing Closet. Volunteers stock shelves by moving items forward, and adding new stock to the back of the shelf. Volunteers accept food, personal care & clothing donations during business hours. Currently volunteers work 10,000 documented hours each year, over 800 hours every month.

Volunteers unpack, weigh, examine, sort, categorize and make an itemized record of the donation. The purpose of this practice is to maintain quality of items donated, and record keeping for benefactors. Additionally, volunteers work performing all tasks directly related to the distribution of government TEFAP (commodities) food, Client-choice Pantry, the Liquid Nutrition program and also assist our customers with clothing. Volunteers also unload all of our truck deliveries. We receive 14-18 full pallets (around 1,000 pounds each just from Gleaners every month and around 600 pounds of fresh food from Forgotten Harvest every week. Volunteers also man the phones and provide many hours of office support, and volunteers also help with fund raising events and get the word out to our community, through Churches, Redford Senior Club and other community organizations.
Administrative Assistant assists customers with individual case management and referrals for individual needs based on assessment of their situation.